Cable & Cotton

December 6th, 2010

Lovely string lights from cable & Cotton. Original and stunning!

14 Responses to “Cable & Cotton”

  1. Sally Says:


  2. Kate [Union Jack Creative] Says:

    How lovely! Digging the softness, it’s an unexpected texture in lighting…

  3. Cathy Says:

    I just got back from Thailand and these are sold at every street market for a steal (about $3 for a string of 20 or so). They are so cute!

  4. Spiral Style Says:

    Awesome and amazing!

  5. Nuha Says:

    i feel like a little girl thinking “pretty pretty colors” xoxo

  6. lizzie [love your way] Says:

    absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing, these look beautiful!

  7. mydesignchic Says:

    So fun!!

  8. Meagan Says:

    Pretty sure I need these in my life.

  9. La Belle Bride Says:

    Cuteness! Amazing for parties!

  10. pixie Says:

    beautiful! so warm and inviting looking on this coooold night on the east coast.

  11. franzi Says:

    wow, i just love these colours 🙂

  12. annie Says:

    these are gorgeous…I love them!!

  13. Marisa Says:

    Ohh these are lovely. Would make any space more inviting and fun!

  14. Holly Says:

    Such lovely colors!