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December 8th, 2010

Images by Emily Steffen

As if the Cup of Cheer cup sleeve freebie from Bethany of b*spoke weren’t enough, we’ve got another giveaway to kick off today! Bethany is generously offering TWO readers a pack of printables from her Emmy Lu Printable Shop. The winners will receive printables of their choice including a calendar, a set of notecards, recipe cards and gift tags.


To enter: Visit the Emmy Lu Printable Shop to see all her beautiful goods then come back here to answer the following question:

The holidays are all about friends, family and traditions. What’s your favorite holiday tradition and why?

Be sure to include your email address along with your first name and last initial. Only one entry per person please!


Giveaway closes Wednesday, December 15th at 10pm PST. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the comments and announced Friday, October 17th. Best of luck!

131 Responses to “b*spoke Giveaway”

  1. nan t Says:

    On the first Sunday of Advent, our family would draw a name. In the weeks leading up to Christmas we would try to do helpful things for our ‘secret’ person. It might be doing the dishes for mom, making beds, feeding the horses or shoveling the walks. A few days before Christmas we would gather by the tree, perhaps my sisters and i would preform an ‘acrobatic show’ (a summersault or two) or read a story and try to act it out. Then, after one last guessing game of who had who…we’d exchange thoughtful little gifts, revealing our ‘name’.

    I don’t know what was more fun, trying to disguise our good deeds by doing good deeds for EVERYONE in the family or trying to guess who had who’s name. Needless to say, our folks created a very special family tradition of “Little Little Christmas” which kept us focused on others instead of making ‘wish lists for Santa’: they practiced and taught by example, the meaning of the Season.

  2. Amy Says:

    My favorite tradition is drinking mimosas and eating lots of hors d’oeuvres while Christmas dinner takes longer than expected (though it always happens, so it really is expected).

  3. Amy Moon Says:

    Every year we celebrate the 12 days before Christmas with a different family activity each night. It’s something I look forward to because during that time we focus on our family, and the kids love it. I try to get all the shopping, decorating, and busy/crazy bits of Christmas handled ahead of time so we can actually enjoy these family activities. 🙂

  4. Jordan Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is reading the Christmas Story–the birth of Jesus, the rejoicing of angels, the worship of the shepherd, and the peace that came to earth–from Luke chapter 2. It reminds me what Christmas is all about!

  5. Amanda N Says:

    My favorite is Christmas morning when my mom and I get up early, make coffee cake and an egg/ham casserole, lay out my dad’s favorite Entenmann’s cake and orange juice. My dad comes down and makes coffee and then when everyone’s up (though still in their jammies) we move into the livingroom to open presents. We usually take until noon or 1 pm to finish and then we just hang out together, lounge in our pjs and enjoy one another’s company. Slowly we start to get ready to make a nice dinner but it’s just such a slow, enjoyable day with my family. My dad also read the Polar Express to us all on Christmas Eve right before bed. And all of the adults have a small glass of port after all of the presents are wrapped and just before we head to bed. This will be my son’s first experience with our traditions! I can’t wait 🙂

  6. Nina R. Says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition has always been bundling up and driving out to the country to cut down our Christmas tree. We’d spend hours finding just the right one!

  7. Jillian S. Says:

    My absolute favorite thing to do with my family during the holidays usually devolves into everyone’s least favorite thing after a while: the christmas cookie decorating. With my grandma’s roll-out cookies recipe producing at least four dozen cookies what begins as a contest in creativity and colorful one-upmanship during the decorating period drags into a rapid slathering remaining icing by the time we get to the last batch. Despite the petering out, it remains my favorite thing to do when I get home for the holidays!

  8. Meghan Y. Says:

    Gathering at my parents house with my husband, sister, sister’s boyfriend, and Parents to decorate the tree. Seeing all the old ornaments that have so many great memories with them. Getting together with family and laughing is the best!

  9. Kim Says:

    My favorite tradition is getting my whole family together on Christmas Eve and play bingo!

  10. Melody H. Says:

    One of our traditions is to go through our toys and clothes and pick ten things to give/donate to those in need. We also love watching our favorite christmas shows like the Charlie Brown Christmas while eating Christmas treats!

  11. Natalie W. Says:

    Ooh I love her recipe cards!

    The holidays are all about friends, family and traditions. What’s your favorite holiday tradition and why?

    My favorite tradition is sleeping at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve, waking up and running downstairs on Christmas morning and opening all of our presents together. It always makes me feel like I’m a kid again. 🙂

  12. Heather O Says:

    Two favorites: 1) Decorating our Christmas tree! Three girls from my youth group come over to our house and help decorate the tree while we watch Elf, and 2) Christmas Eve with my husband. We’re at my mom and dad’s house all day on Christmas, so we open our presents to each other Christmas Eve after the Christmas Eve services at our church. It’s usually the first evening of Christmas week that we get to spend with each other since he works at UPS and has to be at work by or before 1:00am.

  13. Claudia Bravo! Says:

    I love love love making tamales with my family. I love that we not only share the meal together but that we also make it together.

  14. Carina S. Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is eating my grandma’s infamous beet soup. Complete with mushroom and onion stuffed dumplings. It’s the one food we are ONLY allowed to have on Christmas so it makes it that much more special. We hand-make all of the dumplings and the soup in quite a tight assembly line in our kitchen while blasting cheesy Christmas music!

  15. Elissa C Says:

    My fave tradition is having a huge lunch with my extended family, many of whom I only see one a year.

    I love the printable tags and strips in the store. Can’t wait to see her party collection!

  16. Meagan Badger Says:

    Every year, my grandma would bake a variety of cookies and give each of us grandkids a big bag of them. She passed away 3 years ago and I’ve really started to enjoy baking more than ever, so I’m taking it upon myself to keep that tradition alive and at least pass it on to my friends since my family is in another state and I’m spending this Christmas with my new in-laws.

    I really love the recipe cards she made – I would love having a whole slew of recipes on those bad boys!

  17. Melissa B. Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ in bed with my hubby on Christmas Eve. That movie never stops being funny!

  18. Miriam H. Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to pick a Christmas tree. Our tradition is to pick the tree at a tree farm then take it home and decorate it the next day. I love the smell of a real tree!

  19. Karen N. Says:

    We love having fondue for Christmas Eve. My husband grew up having it every Christmas and we wanted to pass the tradition to our children.
    Karen N.

  20. Maria Coxwell Says:

    My husband and I love watching the movie Elf to kick off the holiday season. My favorite though, is our dinner after Christmas Eve service. Everyone is in great spirits and just thankful to be with each other!

  21. Elizabeth B. Says:

    The holidays are all about friends, family and traditions. What’s your favorite holiday tradition and why?

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting up REALLY early the day BEFORE christmas with my family– we always play an honorary game of cornhole. In our pjs. In the front yard. We have thermoses of hot chocolate and big blankets on the ground to sit our turns. It’s always such a fun time going through the photos– no one is a loser in our family!

  22. paige Says:

    im kind of obsessed with this little shop now, thank you for sharing!!!

    one of my favorite traditions is sleeping in the same room with all my siblings on christmas eve. some of us are older and married, but sometimes we all cram in the same room on christmas eve… for old times sake 😉

  23. Cindy Says:

    My family was never big on traditions. But I love the tradition my husband and his extended family always have every Christmas. We all gather together (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) at his aunt’s house for Christmas Eve, and we sing Christmas carols, and open presents together at midnight.

  24. heidi r Says:

    my favorite tradition is going to my parents cabin in yellowstone for the week after christmas. it gets us away from the commercial part of christmas and lets us focus on our family. no phones, no tv, no shopping. just hot chocolate and fire.
    hebusbebus@hotmail.com heidi r

  25. sam Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making my the cookies my grandmother used to make, and her mother before that. I love the memories this activity brings to surface. I cant wait to teach my own daughter how special to remember these recipes and keep the baking tradition alive!

  26. Vivien @ The Eclectic Life Says:

    I just discovered the Emmy Lu Printable Shop from Benign Objects and I’m smitten so this giveaway is coming at a prime time for me!

    My husband and I have only been married over two years now so we’re still trying to establish some of our own family traditions before we have kids so this year we’ve decided we want to exchange gifts with just the two of us. In the future when we have a house, I would LOVE to host an annual Christmas party for all of our friends.

  27. Chelsea A Says:

    This sounds ghetto, but we always have pizza for dinner on Christmas eve. What came about out of necessity (for my mother’s sanity) has become a bit of a joke and still carried on.

  28. Emily Says:

    I have two favorites. The first is the bajillion cutout sugar cookies my mom makes that us ‘kids’ have to decorate. We start out making elaborate, gorgeous cookies but a few hours later, we’re just glopping on the frosting, trying to be finished!
    My other favorite holiday tradition is opening our stockings together on Christmas morning in our pajamas. It’s a bit of pandemonium and lots of fun as we find the inevitable toothbrush and orange amongst the other little treasures.
    emily r.
    lilbikergirl (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. Terri Says:

    My favorite family tradition– which I’ve become an adoptee (via marriage), but I still love. My husband’s family has an annual stinky cheese contest. The rules. MUST be a stinky cheese. MUST taste fantastic. So far we’ve had the joy of learning about new cheeses, but also having hours of conversation around the topic of “stinky feet? or cat pee?” to “creamy and sweet” or “sharp but flavorful”. It’s a fun event as it’s been relegated to the garage or patio, so we all bundle up, but it is definitely an event that the family and kids have come to love.

  30. Rachel P. Says:

    I love the fact that my family all sits around in our sweats all day watching movies, reading or napping. Then we make a huge, yummy dinner to enjoy. Still in our sweats!

  31. Kayleigh Says:

    My favorite family tradition is when my parent’s host their gingerbread house making party. There’s something about copious amounts of icing and candy on everything and everyone but the houses and the mix of everyones friends and family that make the party unforgettable. So many great memories have come from this party. Sharing a night full of joy with all of my friends and family in the same place makes the holiday season really come to life.