Elephant Party

November 18th, 2010

I love this Elephant Party mobile by Flensted made only with circles and parts of circles. Available through Velocity Art and Design.

8 Responses to “Elephant Party”

  1. Rachael H. Says:

    This is great! I do think they look a little like anteaters, though.

  2. Watkins35 Says:

    these are gorgeous, LOVE elephants. x

  3. Jess [tenpenny splendid] Says:

    Very cute! I love how all the details come from the shadows.

  4. Mary C Says:

    Whoa, those look SO MUCH like the mobile I had as a child. Mine was in primary colors, but otherwise nearly identical. Crazy.

  5. Mary C Says:

    Er, a quick google image search produced this, which I think is what I had: http://weedecor.com/weedecor_New/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/10.29.09-elephant-fentstead-mobile-posh-baby-boutique.jpg

  6. Pancakes For Recess Says:

    I just love mobiles like this. So simple and modern.

  7. Julia Says:

    Simple and beautiful.

  8. crystal Says:

    Perfect idea for decorating a elephant party! I’ll be featuring this prduct in my blog Sunday!