T&T for Better Homes & Gardens Part IV

October 26th, 2010

First of all, I just want to thank everyone again for all your kind words and votes over the last few weeks. The Better Homes & Gardens contest has been a ton of work and loads of fun but it’s even better knowing I have so much support!

Today is the beginning of the forth and final leg! For this round, myself and the other three bloggers, were asked to make an outdoor display for the fall season. I wanted to create a pretty arrangement with a hint of Halloween spirit. All it took was a mix of store bought items, a few cans of spray paint and some simple arranging. Below are the materials and instructions to create your own.

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Pumpkins in varying sizes
Matte Black Spray Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Black Vinyl Sticker Numbers (Found at local art supply stores)
Spiky Plants (I used 2 Cordyline Plants)
Black Halloween Wreath (Found at Target)
Black Urns (Found at Target)
Black Ribbon

1. Wash and throughly dry pumpkins. Once completley dry, spray paint pumpkins in desired colors. I choose to make one gold to stand out.
2. While the pumpkins are drying, spray paint plants in the same or a complimentary shade of spray paint. Try to find a plant that looks full but has few leaves. It can take some time to paint all the leaves so the fewer the better.
3. Once the pumpkins have dried, place your house numbers where desired taking care to align and center them.
4. Now with all the pieces ready, it’s time to decorate! Using some black ribbon, hang the wreath on the front of your door. Flank either side with a black urn filled will brilliant gold plants. To complete the look, place the pumpkins to one side so that you can clearly see the house numbers. Done and ready for trick-or-treaters!
*BIG thanks to my friends Gordon and Lisa for letting me use their beautiful home for this project! I was so inspired by their amazing entry way and knew it would be the perfect setting. Gordon also took all these fabulous shots for me. I got a few pictures myself but they didn’t compare to what he managed to capture. Thanks G & L!!!

11 Responses to “T&T for Better Homes & Gardens Part IV”

  1. Kate {DomestiKatedLife} Says:

    I love this idea! It came out really cute.

  2. postcards and pretties Says:

    love the whole look…its amazing what a little spray paint can do!

  3. Karen Says:

    Just gorgeous! I am crazy in love with the red doors! -Karen

  4. Elise Says:

    Holy moly!! I’m in love with that gold pumpkin. What a wonderful idea… thanks for sharing!

  5. Renee Says:

    I love the gold pumpkin! Bookmarking this for next year.

  6. Stephanie Says:


  7. maggie Says:

    absolutely LOVE the address pumpkin. amazing. so simple, but so bold.

  8. amber p Says:

    this is gorgeous! i wouldn’t have thought to spraypaint either the pumpkins or the plants. genius!

  9. Angi Says:

    I love the red doors with the glass above. Such pretty photos you’ve shared.

  10. Lynne Says:

    What are the house colors? Love the combination.

  11. sara Says:

    I am actually dying to know what the name of the color is that your friends painted their house and door. i am painting my house this summer and i want those colors! If you wouldn’t mind asking 🙂