Small Talk Studio Giveaway!

October 19th, 2010

I’ve got an exciting giveaway today to brighten your Tuesday morning! This one comes from the incredibly talented Alyssa Nassner of Small Talk Studio. You might remember me gushing about her craft inspired prints. Well, Alyssa’s recently added some new prints, cards and notebooks to her Etsy shop.

To give back, she’s generously giving away alimited edition Up and Away Print along with a set of  Delightful Foxes Cards. How charming are both of those?! I just love those two foxy foxes!

To enter to win:
1. Visit the Small Talk Studio Shop to see all her beautiful goods.
2. Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us who’s the one person you’d take on a hot air ballon ride if you got the chance.
3. Include your email address along with your first name and last initial. Only one entry per person please!

*Contest is now closed Giveaway closes Tuesday, October  26th at 10pm PST. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from the comments and announced Friday, October 29th.

Good luck everyone!

181 Responses to “Small Talk Studio Giveaway!”

  1. Natalie G. Says:

    I love foxes. And foxes in hot air balloons are even more wonderful. I would definitely take my Grandmother – she has had a rough few years and now that she finally has her spark back I think she’s long overdue for an adventure. What better way to lift her spirits than to literally, well, lift them.

  2. Katie F. Says:

    These are so charming! I totally love the Up and Away print, it would look perfect in the nursery for my 11 month old son. And, I would definitely take him on the hot air balloon ride – he would just love seeing all the houses way down below us and would have a ball watching the flames from the balloon.

  3. Jannie M. Says:

    I would bring my friend, Jill, cause she’s the most bubbly person I know!

  4. Mischa S. Says:

    I would share my hot air balloon adventure with my mommy, Patty Cakes, of course!!♥ I just can’t get enough snuggle time with her; she is an ever-inspiration and makes my life better everyday:) Small Talk has some wonderful items on etsy…thanks for the giveaway opp!

  5. Nicole Latona Says:

    I would take my mom on a hot air balloon ride with me because over the years she has become my best friend. I recently graduated from college and moved out on my own. I now realize how I took advantage of all the time we had when I was younger. I would want to share such a special moment like a hot air balloon ride with her 🙂

  6. Emily Says:

    I’d take my husband – how romantic and fun!
    lilbikergirl at gmail dot com

  7. Stephanie F Says:

    I’d take my husband, of course. He’s been working so much finishing up his fellowship that I’d really relish having him all to myself for a bit . . .

    This print makes me so happy!

  8. Barbara Says:

    I’d take my best friend, Art because he’s not afraid of heights and I am.
    Barbara D.

  9. kelsie rae Says:

    wow i love her style! so unique and beautiful! i would take my husband on our one year anniversary! that would be unforgettable!

  10. Cristina V. Says:

    I love her art <3
    I would take my older brother because he's been there for me a lot this past year through some tough times.

  11. marissa j. Says:

    Such delightful prints! As a child, I remember getting up early for the annual balloon festivals in our town. My mom and I would ooh and aah at all of the beautiful colors and patterns. I’d love to be able to take her up, up + away some day!

  12. Sharon C. Says:

    I would take my boyfriend, because everything is an adventure with him and this would make a great one!

    Love these prints!

  13. Jessica C Says:

    I’d love to go on a hot air balloon ride with my best friend. I’ve always wanted to see the world from up there.

  14. Anna R. Says:

    I can see it now… the Make Do and Mend print simply framed and hanging on my wall – a perfect daily reminder!

  15. Anna R. Says:

    oopsies, got so excited about the lovely prints that I forgot to mention who I’d like in the balloon with me! my brave little 3 year old daughter who, unlike me, is not afraid of heights!

  16. Michelle M Says:

    i would take my beautiful husband of 21 days out on this unforgettable adventure. Hot air balloon rides are beautiful yet dangerous. We would love it!

  17. Cordelia S. Says:

    I’d take my foxy boyfriend, KC. He’s always been fascinated by flight! He’s in Coast Guard boot camp right now, so I could send him one of these cards.

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Oy! I love the shop…especially the Scandinavian designed pillow…

    If I could travel in a hot air balloon who would I take with me? My fiance, who just happens to be my best friend too! We are getting married in April here in south GA and we’d love to cut the rope and float away in a big balloon as our friends and family wave at us from below…how awesome is that?

  19. Jennifer K. Says:

    Oops! I left off my initial!

    Oy! I love the shop…especially the Scandinavian designed pillow…

    If I could travel in a hot air balloon who would I take with me? My fiance, who just happens to be my best friend too! We are getting married in April here in south GA and we’d love to cut the rope and float away in a big balloon as our friends and family wave at us from below…how awesome is that?

  20. Amy N Says:

    My mom because she deserves a fun airborne adventure

  21. katherine Says:

    i would take a hot air balloon ride with my seven year old brother. it’d be fun to experience the ride with him, and see what he’s thinking and feeling. i’ve never been in a hot air balloon before, and neither has he, so it’d be fun for us both!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Ashley B. Says:

    I would take my fiance–we actually got engaged earlier this month at the Balloon Fiesta in Abuquerque, NM!

  23. emily b Says:

    Oh, this print is wonderful! I would love to take my daughter up in a hot air balloon. Everything fascinates her, so to see her reaction to the world at that new perspective would be amazing!

  24. samantha k Says:

    fantastic work!
    i suppose i’d take the boyfriend for a balloon ride. also maybe a bottle of jameson…

    sam k (nearmoderndisaster at gmail dot com)

  25. Abbie A. Says:

    I love this print !!!!

    I’d take my fiance-just engaged- for a balloon ride! It’d be so cool to see everything from that height.

  26. Dana R Says:

    Far and away I’d take my husband! Our little adventures together are my favorite.

  27. Chris B Says:

    If i had the chance, i’d take the Granddad i never met. Apparently i have his hair. I know surprising little about him, but i do know if that he had had a secret passion for Astronomy. He used to watch The Sky At Night with Sir Patrick Moore religiously, so i’ve been told. If he were here now, i’d take him on a hot air balloon ride at night and fly him up as high as you could get, into the stratosphere, so that he could see the stars. We’d get to know each other and he’d show me the constellations. I know Orion, but past that, i haven’t a clue.

  28. Diana Says:

    wow! thse foxes would go great with my toddler wooden cabin bed! I hope I’m still in time, in the netherlands tuesday 2th just started 😉

    hurray for foxes!

  29. Diana Says:

    O soory, forgot to tell you who’d I take up in a balloon irde: well, my dad. He’s frightened of heights, but it’s one of his dreams to be in a hot air balloon. Somehow he never gets around booking a thing like that so I would love to take him o a surprise trip through the clouds!

  30. Amber S Says:

    Corny? My boyfriend. Or! Just to switch it all up, my 2 year old nephew!

  31. Amanda G. Says:

    I would love to take a hot air balloon ride with my fiance 🙂 We have always talked about doing it but never have, plus, he’s my fox 😉