Anniversary Invitation by {frolic}

October 6th, 2010

These are just the sweetest anniversary invites I have ever seen! The amazing, wonderfully talented and beautiful Chelsea of {frolic}, put these together for her parents 40th wedding anniversary celebration. I can’t get over the fabric lined envelopes – such a clever and adorable idea! I love how she mixed the craft texture with the cotton fabric as well; it must have made them a treat to receive!

8 Responses to “Anniversary Invitation by {frolic}”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    These are super clever! I would love to know the tips and tricks for getting the fabric inside the envelopes.

  2. chelsea Says:

    Aw… thank you so much Kathleen for your sweet words. I am happy you liked them!

    Elizabeth: I am going to be doing tutorial on fabric lined envelopes soon.

  3. Tanya Says:

    Lovely! I wonder how you’d keep them shut since the adhesive is all covered up?

  4. Notes from Holly St. Says:

    these envelopes are gorgeous!

  5. Truly Smitten Says:

    Chelsea is SO clever and talented! gosh, these are so darling!

  6. teacup Says:

    So sweet and simple-looking. I’m looking forward to the tutorial!

  7. Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] Says:

    That is the cutest thing…LOVE their envelopes and the invite!

  8. sarah Says:

    OMG. Those envelopes are great. The patterns inside are so cute. I like how they are all different. Feels like you are getting a personalized envelope.