Makr Carry Goods

August 25th, 2010

One of my favorite things growing up was back-to-school shopping! Though well out of school now, I think it’s a tradition I should bring back. For starters, I’d buy this classically simple canvas Farm Ruck Sack from Makr Carry Goods. The contrast between the leather and white cotton is so elegant but I also love the vintage shape to the tote.

This shop is full of beautifully designed goods ranging from leather key rings to bags. Made by hand and manufactured in the United States, Makr Carry Goods takes their craft seriously and it shows in their outstanding pieces. Be sure to check it out!

12 Responses to “Makr Carry Goods”

  1. bridget Says:

    i want that bag. like really want it.

  2. Maria Says:

    I need that for my laptop!!!!

  3. Jocelyn Stott Says:

    I work with someone who has this bag and I have been envious of it since I first saw it. Great bag.

  4. Hannah Nevins Says:

    Adorably fresh

  5. Jordan Says:

    I just love the bag. Thanks for highlighting it!

  6. Vivian Says:

    Oh my. I love this bag. I’ve been looking for one like this for ages!!

    Thanks for introducing me to it!

  7. Says:

    I want this bag too! So simple and chic!

  8. April~Living The Sweet Life Says:

    Love the canvas and the leather.

  9. jennifer young Says:

    this bag is pure perfection. i need it on my back…

  10. tiffaney Says:

    I’m all over this bag, and I need it all over my back. Amazing.

  11. rebecca Says:

    so preppy. i love it.

  12. Panerai Straps Says:

    Gorgeous bag! I love the natural leather and white material!