Wedding Décor from Pottery Barn

July 8th, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and had a pleasant last few days. I took an extended holiday vacation but am excited to be back into the swing of things again.

A few weeks ago, I took a free wedding decor class from my local Pottery Barn. A friend of mine was curious to check it out and I was equally as excited to see what they had to offer so I tagged along. The store had set up several beautiful tabletops as inspiration and a mini candy bar display. The class was brief but it was a great way to see how the simplest accessories could be used to make a stunning arrangement.

Marianne Graham of the Artful Posy, a local Seattle florist and event planner, was there as a guest speaker. She put the centerpieces together and shared some inspiring tips for how to begin the design process for a wedding. She strongly sugessted that if there is a particular flower that you’d like to incorporate into your event, that you try to schedule around the time when it’s in bloom. Though not impossible to get most flowers year round, a little foresight will save you tons of money in the long run. Another tip; ask your florist to recommend a similar flower to achieve the same look if the timing isn’t quite right.

The three tables were really stunning and my personal favorite was the rustic purple garden theme. Her mixed use of succulents, sweet pea flowers, mint and lavender was perfect! I loved the mini watering cans that could double as seating cards and the burlap table runner. The burlap table runner could be an easy DIY project like this one seen on Style Me Pretty. Above are a few pictures I was able to capture at the event but feel free to check out Marianne’s site or blog and check your local Pottery Barn for upcoming classes.

6 Responses to “Wedding Décor from Pottery Barn”

  1. Splenderosa Says:

    Flowers are just so so pretty. Seattle. If only I could be there now…I love Seattle.

  2. Says:

    This is so great!! Love the crates and tin flower pots!

  3. Megan Burke Says:

    Beautiful! Just saw your feature on YoungHouseLove … congrats!

  4. rebecca Says:

    i worked at pottery barn back in college and i always thought it was an untapped resource for wedding ideas, etc. right on!

  5. Deborah Lee Says:

    Gorgeous images! Vibrant and colourful .. really great work.

  6. Carol Lancaster Says:

    Your photos are beautiful. I am Rachel’s mother. Purple is my favorite color so I like those flowers as well. I’m glad you had a great time and I hope to meet you some time when I go to Seattle again.