Lost in ffffound No.14

June 18th, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Lost in ffffound and there is so much great stuff to see on ffffound so I decided to revisit an old fave. I’ve been feeling girly lately and drawn toward lot’s of pinks so this one is inspired by that. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Row 1 Left, Right
Row 2 Left, Right
Row 3 Left, Right
Row 4 LeftRight

8 Responses to “Lost in ffffound No.14”

  1. Annie @ Marry You Me Says:

    Love the bunny peaking out from under the covers. And those adorable envelope liners! And on clothespins they are even cuter 🙂

  2. Kenziepoo Says:

    So lovely!! Love what you found!

    Rachelle xo

  3. Trude Says:

    That poster about design is so true! 🙂 Love this collection. You have a wonderful weekend too!

  4. ania @ papercutworks Says:

    love the pink hues here. not a color i typically crave 🙂

  5. Sarah K Says:

    I discovered ffffound awhile back and it is amazing place for inspiration! I love it! Your finds are great– I love the whimsical + dreamy + girly feel:)

  6. Margaret, Project Wedding Says:

    The image on the lower right is from Project Wedding.

  7. forget.me.knot.weddings Says:

    Love the soft blush images!

  8. Heather Says:

    That little bunny may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!