Sponsor Thanks + Interview

May 28th, 2010

I’m signing off early this week for the long holiday weekend but before I do I wanted to thank all our sponsors and welcome our newest one, Bonbon Charms. Bonbon Charms specializes in custom handcrafted jewelry by Erica Clements of Eugene, Oregon. Her collection includes charms for necklaces, bracelets and custom pieces. Be sure sure to check out her shop for all the lovely goodies!

Also, last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Fossil Life and Style Blog. Who knew Fossil had a blog?! I’d missed it somehow and was incredibly delighted and honored that they wanted to include me in their 3 Questions series.

I had a blast answering their questions and you can read my responses here. If you’ve ever wondered how Twig & Thistle got started you can find out how it all began here. I hope you’ll stop on over and see what other creative stuff they have posted. This tutorial, on how to cover pencils in paper for example, is brilliant! Have a great long weekend everyone and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!

4 Responses to “Sponsor Thanks + Interview”

  1. bridget Says:

    i love your new sponsors stuff. personalized jewelry is da bomb.

  2. Marilyn K K Says:

    How great to be interviewed and acknowledged. That is wonderful!

  3. Natasha Says:

    Your blog posts always make me smile. I’ll definitely check out your links and enjoy the Bank Holiday! xxx

  4. Hadley Says:

    casey (at fossil) is my sister-in-law. it is tough being related to someone so rad, but so glad she pointed me in the right direction to check out your sweet blog. sister always does know best. xo, h