April 27th, 2010

I’m a little behind in hearing the news but in case you missed it, Anthropologie has partnerened with Styer’s to create Terrain, a home and gardening shop. If you love Anthro as much as I do you’re probably pretty intrigured. Just look at their beautiful flyer! I’ve already found a few pieces that I think would be just lovely in my own home…. *sigh. Well done Anthropogie, my wish list just tripled!

5 Responses to “Terrain”

  1. cathiehong Says:

    fyi, there’s a giveaway on designmom for a $250 gift card to terrain! my chances of winning are very very low, but i had to try ;]

  2. almalu Says:

    how sweet are those strawberry sachets?!?!lovely!

  3. Kelley Moore Says:

    I second your sigh! As if I didn’t already covet too many things from Anthropologie, they’ve gotta add Terrain? Someone should alert the Feds…I sniff a monopoly a’brewing…

  4. chelsea Says:

    Hadn’t seen these new items! Thanks. Gotta love the red gingham.

  5. Karen Says:

    I am so very, very tempted not to click over…as I’m sure my wishlist will triple as well! (at least!)