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Earth Hour 2010

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Earth Hour is March 27th and the company I work for, Hornall Anderson, is doing their part to raise awareness of the cause. Above are some of the collateral pieces created to promote the event. My favorite are the posters that glow in the dark which were overprinted onto discarded test prints generously donated by  a local print shop. Lastly the folks in our interactive department created a beautiful microsite to get people committed to participating. If you have the time I encourage you to head on over to HA’s Earth Hour Page, lend your support and mark your calendar’s!

Well Branded: Lily’s Kitchen

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I love coming across a package design that compels me to look it up and read about every detail. Maybe it’s just the nerdy designer in me but when a brand draws me in like that I get giddy. Lily’s Kitchen evokes such a friendly feeling while picking up on the playful characteristics of pups. Why be so serious when dogs themselves are such joyful creatures?

This brilliant work was created by the talented team at Albion in London. Besides being completely adorable, the brand is definitely worth barking about. Made in small batches and comprised of only whole, natural and organic ingredients; it’s a product any dog owner would be proud to serve their little loved one. Now if only I could get it in the states…

Slip On Coasters

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I’m completely crushing on these coasters from Dimmalimm Home. A convenient way to protect your furniture without the hassle of asking people to use a coaster. Plus, they’re so pretty, you’re guests will be thrilled to use them. Just slip them on before the party and you’ve got instant decor as well!

These coasters are made of beautifully muted felt and come in either a Citrus pattern or Hibiscus style. Be sure to check out the Dimmalimm Home Shop, it’s well worth the visit.

For the Love of Pantone

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Not sure what is about us designers and our infatuation with Pantone. You can pretty much take anything, slap a Pantone swatch on it and I’m hooked! Bait, line and sinker; I’ll take it all! The latest is this concept for Pantone paints on spotted on Lovely Package the other day and I felt compelled to round up some of my other Pantone branded favorites. What’s not to love; simple, colorful and plenty of white space!

1. Pantone Matryoshka Dolls by Yar Rassadin 2. Pantone Paint by Samy Halim 3. Pantone Cosmetics Concept by Renata Veiga via Lovely Package 4. Panettone by Purpose via Lovely Package 5. Pantone Mug from Exit 6. Pantone Chips on Canvas by AppleBlueSeaGreen

Classically Beautiful

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I fell in love with the first set when they were announced last year and now Penguin has released another set of cloth-bound classics! Elegant depictions of each story envelope these lovely tales and so beautifully done by London designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith. Be sure to check out this interview with the her regarding the new volumes. I loved reading her concept behind Jane Austen’s, Emma.

The new set includes Alice in Wonderland, Emma, The Odyssey, and Little Women, to name a few. A true collectors find and a book lovers delight!