Oscar Party Recap

March 12th, 2010

Here are a few pictures from my Oscar party last Sunday. We had some good friends over and it was a ton of fun! I got the idea for the hello cheese tags from Real Simple: Celebrations and my hubby whipped up a batch of “Na’vi Nectar” as a fun drink. The ballots were a huge hit as were the Oscar Bingo Cards from How About Orange. Everyone had a great time and I’d like to give  a big ol’ thank you to Dove Visibly Smooth for sponsoring the event!

I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend to attend my sister Gena’s wedding (yay!) If you have any suggestions on what to do while we’re there I’d love to here from you in the comments.

10 Responses to “Oscar Party Recap”

  1. Katie P. Says:

    That party was fantastic! The perfect balance of good times, great friends, and wrinkled stars in hi-def!

  2. Hillary Says:

    This was forever ago, so I’m not even sure they still do it, but champagne brunch at the Bellagio was one of the best things I did while I was in Vegas.

  3. Kariane Says:

    My husband and I used to live there so if you’re looking for something “off strip” there’s an excellent place called The Bagel Cafe. It’s on the west side of town, about 15 minutes from the Strip. They have great bagels and even better chicken noodle soup. Just good Jewish nosh overall. My fav was the seseme (sooo many sesemes!) and my husband LOVED the Super Egg and Onion.

    If you’re ever driving on the freeway down by the nice outlet mall (there’s two in Vegas, the one coming into town from CA, aka, the ghetto mall and the going out of town, toward SLC, aka the nice outlet mall.) you’ll see several HUGE buildings. These are just for furniture shows. Designers from all over the world come and fill up all the floors of all the buildings so buyers can check things out. It would make me giddy just to drive by. It’s closed to the public, but my building inspector husband would tell me all about them. Would be so great to peek inside.

    Enjoy yorself and cogratulations to your sister!

  4. Amber Says:

    Go see Love. It’s an AMAZING show. TOTALLY worth it. AND, there are no bad seats in the house. My husband and I went and got front row seats, bu we almost think that it might have been better to sit up top. We can’t wait to go see it again.

  5. Erin Says:

    Thanks for the ballots! We used them for our party, and they made me happy even though I lost the pool.

  6. Trude Says:

    What a great looking spread! We had a ton of food as well, but I was so busy eating I didn’t get many shots. Thanks for the ballots though, I used your free download and they were a big hit! 🙂 http://recoveringfirecracker.squarespace.com/blog/2010/3/10/the-weekend-briefly.html

  7. heidi Says:

    love the oscar party idea.
    love how creative you are.
    go see a cirque du soleil show in vegas, they are phenominal.
    (O at the belligio is my favorite one.)

  8. Cordelia Says:

    Thank you for the printable ballots! We used them with a group of friends and it made the event much more exciting than it usually is!

  9. Emma Jo Says:

    I’m trying to put the deodorizer in context but I can’t 😀 Why is there deodorants at a party? Very nice pictures, looks like you had a great time!

  10. Emily Says:

    OOOH- what a success! You inspired me! I downloaded your templates and threw a mini-Oscar fete for me and my parents. All of your touches were executed with a bit more finess than mine, but you motivated me! Feel free to take a peek at my recap on bigmoonsky.blogspot.com