The Business of Cards

February 22nd, 2010

Recently, I realized that I didn’t have any business cards for Twig & Thistle, so I set out to create some that I could use if I ever needed to pass one along. As always, I find it incredibly difficult to design for myself, but it was a good challenge and I had a blast letterpressing them.

I used Crane’s Lettra Letterpress 220lb. stock in Pearl White and PMS 877 for the silver and 7406 for the yellow. The thick stock allowed for a really deep impression which is exactly what I wanted. I used offset ink for the silver since PMS 877 doesn’t come in rubber base, and I had to add a tiny bit of black to make it more legible. The thinner ink was a little tricky to deal with at first but handled really well once on the press. The metallic effect is subtle but it’s pretty in the light.

Note: The process shots were taken with my iPhone so they’re a little grainy!

26 Responses to “The Business of Cards”

  1. luisa Says:

    man, they’re great. i love the art of letterpress and your card is one of the reason why. paper can look so wonderful and delicate. like the color combination of grey and yellow a lot. just fabulous!!

  2. Mekala From Tie That Binds Weddings Says:

    OooOoooo I saw these and said “OOooOo” out loud ๐Ÿ™‚ They look beautiful!

  3. Amelia L. Says:

    Those are incredible. Great job :]

  4. In Honor Of Design Says:

    I love those! The deep impression makes them very intriguing!

  5. Hazel Says:

    I always find it hard to design for myself as well… I’m always my own worst critic! Your business cards are AMAZING! LOVE!

  6. Maddy @ the Inspired Bride Says:

    Oh, hun, they’re gorgeous! Beautiful job as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. annabelle Says:

    wow, great job!!!!! the look amazing. I have a question, iยดm looking into buying a design software for my mac, to make labels for my girls and cards or even invitations, can you give some options that are not to hard but that I can draw. I was thinking of the adobe illustrator, but not sure.

  8. rachel Says:

    these look great, Kathleen!

  9. Natalie Says:

    Wow, those cards are absolutely beautiful! How on earth did you get your hands on a letterpress??

  10. Erin Says:

    beautiful. love the yellow. wonderful job.

  11. Chrystal K. Says:

    So jealous! I’ve been wanting to open a letterpress shop so I can create cards as beautiful as yours!

  12. Myra Greenlee Says:

    very pretty!!!

  13. Flights of Fancy Says:


  14. fatalefemme Says:

    They’re so modern, but dreamy! They’re perfectly lovely.

  15. Brooke Says:

    Oh my goodness! It is a dream of mine to one day own a letterpress. Beautiful!

  16. Cindy Says:

    Your cards are beautiful!! Love the design.

  17. Fee-AMore Says:

    I love the business cards, great design. And nothing beats letterpress!

  18. Hannahbelle Says:

    I love letterpress. I wanted to have my own business cards as letterpress cards, but it’s out of my budget at the moment. Hopefully once the business takes off a little I’ll be able to switch over ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Magchunk Says:

    They are beautiful! I’d love to learn to letterpress. I took a screenprinting class up at Pratt Institute (a one-night four hour cram session!) and loved it. Want to try that again too.

  20. Sarah Says:

    Your business cards are beautiful!

  21. bonafidebride Says:

    Okay, I’m DROOLING.

  22. Eliza Says:

    LOVE them!! We have been designing our business cards for over a year now and cannot settle on a design… these are great inspiration for something simple yet stylish.

  23. Air Says:

    OMG these are awesome.. nuff said.

    do you own a letterpress machine?

  24. lanne Says:

    LOVE your new cards.. The design is perfect (no surprises there tho!) I have a couple of brands done in grey and yellow which use letterpress business cards and it is the most divine combination. Thanks for sharing them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. elizabeth rosemond Says:

    swoon! these are gorgeous!!

  26. Lydia Says:

    Love them!