Sweet Things: Figs & Ginger

January 28th, 2010

These have to be some of the most adorable pices of jewlery I’ve seen in a long while! Husband and wife Rhonda & Elijah Wyman are the creators of these handmade pieces inspired by tiny flora and fauna of the forest.

Made from brushed patina and all under $80 they’d make a great gift for someone on your list. My personal favorites are the mom pieces; every mother should such a sweet necklace of her and her little ones!

Figs & Ginger

15 Responses to “Sweet Things: Figs & Ginger”

  1. Tina Hoang Says:

    Dear Kathleen,

    I absolutely ADORE your website! Its so creative and cute has has made me so tempted to impulse shop like no other. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and creations!


  2. Julianne Says:

    Very cute!

  3. Jenny Says:

    LOVE! I have to have those bunny earrings! where…are…these…please!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    I can’t believe I forgot the link! I’ve added it to the bottom of the post!

  5. Katie Says:

    I actually have the adorable little bird ring. The bird is loose on the ring and slides around. I just love it! I have not been wearing it lately because it is difficult with gloves, but I think today I will wear it and smile, with cold hands even if I have to. Thanks for the reminder. Always good content on your blog.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    So cute! And simple. You could wear them with everything!

  7. em Says:

    I have the a Mama and baby bird necklace from them. Got it for my first mother’s day! 🙂 Love their stuff!

  8. Lauren Says:

    I LOVE THESE PIECES! And I was very pleased to read on Figs & Ginger’s site that they make earth-friendly decisions in the way they run their business. That’s very impressive in the jewelry industry, which, in general, creates a disproportionate amount of waste. Good write-up, Kathleen!

  9. theaxx Says:

    Oh Cute!!! I particularly loving the logo… hehe typical. But it’s a gorgeous one isn’t it/??



  10. Cookie Cutter Says:

    These are so adorable! Especially the one with the deers! So creaive!

  11. Alden Says:

    Anyone know what that typeface is? I’ve seen it before and absolutely love it!

  12. Ses Says:

    I have that birdy necklace!! And also a little fawn pin. Their jewellery is just beautiful, I love it!

  13. Renee Says:

    Love, love, love this line – I’m getting my wallet out right now!

  14. cindy dulong Says:

    ooh I LOVE THEM!!! I also love that blue cupcake in the above post.. yummmmy

  15. Hannah Says:

    Yay! Thanks for showcasing this jewelry! My college roommate Stacey works for Figs and Ginger–so glad they are getting great exposure from you!