Happy New Year and Giveaway!

January 4th, 2010





Hello, hello! My goodness it feels like I’ve been gone for ages! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and festive New Year celebration. I managed to squeeze in some rest and relaxation with both sides of our families and it was a great long break. In honor of the new year and fresh beginnings I wanted to start things off with a giveaway!

In the midst of all the holiday cheer Twig & Thistle had it’s 1st birthday! I had the best intentions to do some grand event but the day slipped by without much notice. So, I’ve decided to celebrate the blogversary this first week back. I went to one of my favorite paper stores here in Seattle and bought a few things that I would love to own myself and am giving away this little gift to one lucky winner. The set includes a beautiful fabric covered notebook from Elum, a set of 6 letterpress thank you note cards by Hello Lucky and twenty-five polka dot fabric thumbtacks from Girl of All Work.

In order to win, please answer the following question by Friday, January 8th, 2010. **Contest is now closed**

What one thing would you like to accomplish this year?

*The winner will be announced Monday, January 11th, 2010. Best of luck!

I can’t thank you all enough for your generous support and readership over the last year. This has been an incredible learning experience and adventure for me. There is something so special about sharing my love of design, weddings and crafts with an audience that is as equally as interested. Thank you all so much and here’s to another exciting year!

xoxo, Kathleen

466 Responses to “Happy New Year and Giveaway!”

  1. trina Says:


    This is going to be a fantastically incredible year! I am more than hoping, I am planning on putting the final touches on ending my fear of heights (that we have spent 3 years working towards) by spending some time @ grandfather mountain in NC, swinging bridge included!

    Also though, I have owned my own business for 3 seasons now, and I plan on this being the year that it goes gold! I feel if I just claim the direction I want it to go in my heart, all else will follow. This is the year I begin living my dreams and watching them come true!

    I’m very excited!!!! love!

  2. Lindsey L Says:

    Well, I usually hate resolution, so this year I decided to live, really live. Life is too short to be anything but happy, so I am making the most of it and laughing every day!

  3. Tiffany Lee Says:

    I would love to accomplish saving up for a new car this year! It’s a need and a big lifestyle change.

  4. Kat Says:

    This year I want to craft more. i havent done nearly enough in the past few years. and become more organized at home. That too 🙂

  5. Kami Says:

    I would love to get my etsy shop up and running! Part of the grand scheme in becoming my own boss.

  6. Jaime Says:

    I want to finish the novel I started ages ago. Even if no one ever reads it, I want to know that it’s done.

  7. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    I am doing something fun for myself this new year, taking some calligraphy classes and hopefully opening up my own calligraphy shop! 🙂

  8. Lisa Says:

    I hope to get my book published!

  9. Mandi Says:

    My husband is a Marine, and this year, we move back to the states! We’ve been stationed in Japan for the last 3 years and it’s been hard to get my stationary business going from so away. I hope to accomplish more and am so excited to become more hands on with my clients!!

  10. Katie Says:

    Being away from family and friends for most of 2009 has made me appreciate real, honest-to-goodness face time. It’s hard to imagine what we’d do without blogs (though rarely updated), text messages (with their predictive text typos), and emails. I’ve tried to put gadgets aside and enjoy the people immediately around me. For those I’m not around, I’ve tried to send little notes in the hope they bring little smiles, even if it only lasts on the walk back from the mailbox. 2010 will bring more time away and I hope, hope, hope I can improve along those lines- being a better listener, a better here and far friend, and a better corresponder.

  11. Samantha Lee Says:

    I want to make 12 quilts!!

  12. Paige Anderson Says:

    oooh! pick me pick me! I just spent WAY too long on elum’s site oohing and aweing over everything on it…

  13. Paige Anderson Says:

    this year i’m going to accomplish:

    quitting the fingernail biting habit (for real this time)

  14. Nikole Says:

    I would like to pay off all my debts and start my 30s in the black.

  15. Kalee Says:

    I want to start our family and send my parents on a much needed cruise!

  16. Anne Says:

    I just want to become more organized. 2010 — This is the year!