Color Crush: Yellow

January 25th, 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the Alitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City over the weekend and it was a blast! The confrence was branded with all kinds of yellow so I think its cheeriness (is that a word?!) rubbed off on me. I got to meet and listen to so many talented people it’s left me a bit euphoric. Happy Monday to you all and here’s to another great week!

1.Dazzling Display Wallet from Anthropologie, 2.Fabric Thumbtacks by Fabric Farrago, 3.Glam Sign from via We Love Typography, 4.Tuxedo Ruffle Curtain from Urban Outfitters, 5.Rose Ring by Under 10, 6.Curvee Shelf Table from Serena & Lily

15 Responses to “Color Crush: Yellow”

  1. SweetBeaker Says:

    so needed a little sunshine! it’s been raining here and yucky since friday! thanks kathleen!

  2. christi @ grey umbrella Says:

    yellow is one of those colors that no matter what mood i am in, it makes me happy! LOVE this moodboard.

  3. tara Says:

    oh sunny yellow. i heart you. you make me smile. a much needed pick-me-up! xoxo

  4. Katerina Says:

    Agree with previous comments, gorgeous sunny yellow!

    Enjoy and vote for my video on

  5. Padgett Says:

    ohh how I love yellow too – I just watched “what happens in vegas” with Cameron Diaz and she had this lovely yellow scarf on in one of the shots and it looks so amazing! just that perfect pop!

  6. Kathi @ allthingswhite Says:

    I so agree with everyone- we need this wonderful color, especially in the gloom we’ve had for a bit here. Thanks so much for this pick-me-up post !!!

  7. Donna Gallant Says:

    I’m getting an x instead of a picture — is there something I need to do to get the picture? My pop up blocker is off.

  8. April Says:

    Yellow is so cherry! Always a favorite color of mine. Love the photos!

  9. jen jafarzadeh Says:

    such a cheery list of sunshine! I wish I could have gone to Alt — sounds like it was a blast. next year!

  10. Yellow Elm Says:

    YAY!!! I adore your collection of yellow…SO cheery. Thanks for posting… the thumbtacks and rose ring are my faves!

  11. noodle Says:

    Wow! Those colours really pop… beautiful.

  12. Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage Says:

    I just purchased a can of yellow paint from my local hardware store this morning. Yellow is always so happy. N matter what other colors you have going on, yellow seems to fit right in.

  13. Rachelle Says:

    Any idea as to where I can the Anthropologie wallet? It isn’t on their website. Thanks!

  14. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Rachelle, I did a little snooping around on the interwebs and it appears that they’ve sold out of it already. I’m so sorry, that was quick! How sad. I’ll keep my eye out for other cute yellow wallets and let you know if I find anything. Kathleen

  15. Erin Says:

    a great color for a bright and sunny day!