Land Rich

December 8th, 2009




Gina emailed me over the weekend to tell me about Land Rich, the shop that she and her partner just started. I love the concept: each quarter they’ll feature a single edition of select product. If the first set is any indication I think we’re in for something special! These holiday bulbs are just exquisite. I love how each globe makes me appreciate the beauty that lies in the smallest leaf, berry and twig. I can’t wait to see what Land Rich has in store next!

Oh and I spoke with Gina and all orders placed by the 20th are guaranteed to be delivered by the 25th!

ALSO: Check back later today for the results of the Pom Pom Giveaway!

5 Responses to “Land Rich”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    wow! These are just so dainty looking. I love them.

  2. ldh Says:

    These are so beautiful in their simplicity!

  3. Magchunk Says:

    The third one is so pretty! These would be pretty year-round.

  4. Holli S. Says:

    They remind me of the Japanese art of flower arranging. Gorgeous.

  5. ktrn Says:

    That’s really nice!