Inspired By: Serena & Lily

November 3rd, 2009

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I recently discovered Serena & Lily, the charming nursery and children’s bedding shop, and haven’t been able to recycle a single issue yet. Each one is like my own personal catalog of inspiration and loveliness. As a child my room was no where near this beautiful or put together- I’m talking foam-for-a-mattress-on-the-floor far away, but no matter. It’s fun to browse through the pages and pretend to be young again.

Their site is also full of inspiration and great little tips for how to decorate. They even have a few downloadable PDFs so that one can create their own rope headboard or painted floor. Above are some shots from their Designer Tips Inspiration Boards. I would gladly trade in even my current room for one of these and am feeling utterly inspired! Ok, off to go rethink every room in my house…

4 Responses to “Inspired By: Serena & Lily”

  1. Brancoprata Says:

    Beautiful. Love the colors used and the way the boards are presented! So inspiring. Thank You!

  2. Charissa H. Says:

    How absolutely darling. I’ve always had this love of sweetly decorated baby rooms. I love them almost as much as I love babies…someday! [=

  3. Thrush Vintage Says:

    These rooms all look like they came straight out of a dream. I especially love the all-white and cream room. What a great way to solve the pink vs. blue childhood trap that every baby item seems to fall into. Lovely!

  4. Kindy Says:

    I love Serena and Lily. I have been getting there catalog for over a year now and i get so much inspiration from them. Im in the process of copying a pillow from them with an outline of an animal.