Felty Sandwich

November 12th, 2009





Ever since my experiment with felt I’ve been enamored with all you can do with it. How freakishly cute is this little sandwich by Myrtle & Eunice? I can’t really figure out what I’ll do with this once I make it, but that’s beside the point! I can imagine that this furry treat would bring a smile to my face every time I looked at it, and to me, that’s priceless. I’m heading to the fabric store shortly so I can whip up one of these swiss, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Nom, nom, nom… See more pictures and get the complete felt sandwich recipe here.

Found via: WhipUp.

*Sad update to my Felt Rosette Pillow: Apparently a handmade, time consuming, 100% wool felt pillow is dog for chewtoy. See my precious little pups path of destruction here 🙁

15 Responses to “Felty Sandwich”

  1. Marilyn K. Says:

    Oh Kathleen, oh oh Tula! So sorry, how disappointing!

  2. Brittney Says:

    Oh no!!! That was one fancy pillow. Our dogs would do the same thing.

  3. holly p Says:

    Based on your update…you could always feed the felt sandwich to your dog so he doesn’t eat your pillows anymore! The sandwich is adorable!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! So true Holly! Now that she’s got a taste for felt, that sandwhich would be a real treat. Dang dog!

  5. shelia d. Says:

    So adorable!! You could sell your felt food on Etsy as children’s toys. I thought about making some felt tea party food for my little cousins. I love sewing felt, too. The edges are so clean!

  6. Magchunk Says:

    So sad about the pillow!

    I have seen a couple fantastic felt shops on etsy that make full picnic sets, including bags of doritos!

    Here’s one (not the dorito gal, but just as talented): http://www.etsy.com/shop/GoBuggy

  7. Holli Says:

    I LOVE this sandwich! What an adorable idea!

  8. Erin Says:

    oh no! But I must say that it gave me a good laugh! Those silly dogs. But you gotta love them!

  9. emily @ the daily smudge Says:

    ooo that sandwich would make a great pillow in giant size!

  10. Kyle Says:

    I heart the plush-which!

  11. Love Says:

    Felt food is so cute…

  12. Brittany Says:

    these are so adorable. i just love the sandwich and the details!

  13. mger Says:

    any advice on how to approach the lettuce leaf?

  14. LaNouille Says:

    This is SO cute! Wanna do the same!

  15. Em Says:

    Thank you for posting…I can’t wait to make some felt fun for my little girls.