What Katie Does: Travelling Moleskine

October 29th, 2009




I am so impressed with what Katie of What Katie Does made for the Travelling Moleskine Project. Something about the embroidery¬†and the paper together makes such a breathtaking combination and the colors she used are equally beautiful. I’m so inspired now thanks to her! I could see some pretty holiday cards in this style or an extra sweet Thank You.

You can see more picks from Katie’s project on¬†Flickr and be sure to browse her blog for other amazing projects.

7 Responses to “What Katie Does: Travelling Moleskine”

  1. mrslimestone Says:

    Wow – that is gorgeous!

  2. Poochie Says:

    I want one!!!

  3. Jaclyn Says:

    This is _incredible_. Ditto what Poochie said!

  4. Fiona Says:

    This is so pretty, the colours used are sweet and lovely.

  5. Melissa A. Says:

    This is impressive. I really like this.

  6. Hannah Says:

    Wow. Also impressed.. especially at how the paper remains wrinkle free.

  7. Deja Says:

    I’ve been experimenting with sewing on paper, and this gives me some new inspiration. A combination of sewing and embroidery sparks some interesting ideas!