Design that MOOOves You

October 19th, 2009



Mooove over orange juice, looks like milk may have a bigger place at our breakfast table! I spotted Forest Milk on Twitter last week via @Papercrave and completely feel in love with the old fashioned bottle and the sweet little leaf tag. Forest Milk is produced from cows in Japan whom roam the forest year round and apparently the milk tastes sweeter since the cows are happier. Who doesn’t enjoy the thought of happy little cows frolicing through the forest?! Deigned by Rise Design Office

3 Responses to “Design that MOOOves You”

  1. mariel Says:

    Adorable! I don’t even drink milk that much anymore, but I would drink that milk. 🙂 Now if only a milk man could deliver it to my doorstep every day…

  2. Roxanne Says:

    What a great name and simply adorable little bottle. Who doesn’t want a happy cow?

  3. liso. Says:

    lovely – can’t get enough of that cutest glass bottle! …but i just don’t like milk!