Oh, Hello Friend!

September 16th, 2009






I recently stumbled upon the blog Oh, Hello Friend and have fallen head over heals for all the loveliness that can be found there. In particular, I simply adore these packaging shots that Danni, the brilliant author, has collected of her Etsy shop packaging. It makes getting that package all the more sweet!

Find more of Danni’s work  in her Etsy shop, FlickrFacebook and Twitter.

7 Responses to “Oh, Hello Friend!”

  1. Molly Jean Says:

    so pretty! thanks for sharing!

  2. evie s. Says:

    She has the sweetest packaging I think I’ve ever seen. Love all her handmade touches!

  3. Amanda Wright Says:

    Oh man! Gorgeous photos. I wish my packaging was that beautiful!

  4. danni of oh, hello friend. Says:

    Kathleen, I am such a huge fan of your blog and am so honored that you posted about my packaging! Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

    And thanks for all the inspiration friend! xo. danni

  5. Ashley D Says:

    I love that blog as well! Her packaging is very inspiring!

  6. fatalefemme Says:

    Totally beautiful packaging, and great shots. I’d be stoked to get any of this in the mail, yum!

  7. Cookie Cutter Says:

    Oh my, the packaging alone is good enough!