Surprise 60th Birthday Party! Part 2

August 12th, 2009




Here is another detail from Marilyn’s party that I wanted to share. Marilyn is an extraordinarily generous person and as a way of showing our appreciation we created this book as a keepsake and gift for the birthday girl! Each member of her immediate family shared a fond memory of her. I collected each of the stories and layed them out into this book with coordinating photos from her past. Additionally each of the guest sent in a short memory or birthday wish along with the RSVP card and each of these were placed in envelopes at the back of the book.

As a special bonus I’ve included a PDF for the pin flags I shared with you yesterday. Just print onto your favorite paper, cut them out, then glue or tape them onto pins and enjoy! Could also be used on skewers, straws, stir sticks, bags… the possibilities are endless and can add the perfect finish to your party decorations!



In case you missed the link yesterday, you can find directions for the pin cushions here. Cheers!

11 Responses to “Surprise 60th Birthday Party! Part 2”

  1. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    I love the colors used! So pretty. The pin cushions are adorable!

  2. The Birthday Girl Says:

    Everything was perfect and what a surprise. They assembled folks from up and down the West Coast for a wonderful dinner and party. 6 (6 decades) was the theme for the dinner- 6 tomato pasta, smoked loin encrusted in 6 herbs, 6 fresh and marinated vegetables, 6-yes 6 -desserts! I was having trouble getting my mind around “60” and this did the trick. The book is incredible-I took it home to read and sat crying for joy. Every woman should have the chance to be honored this way. I have an incredible family and am so glad Kathleen could share this with all of you. What she didn’t tell you was that they also made breakfast for 25 the next morning! The energy was mind boggling!

  3. Ashley of Payne & Franklin Says:

    That book looks great – love the idea.

  4. Jessie Says:

    That book is so sweet and such a good idea. I bet she loved it and how could you not?! It’s so thoughtful 🙂

  5. Casey Says:

    What a treasure that book is!

  6. Megan Says:

    love that book! it is gourgeous! i was just wondering where you ordered it from if you got it off a website? or did you make it!?
    Thanks so much for letting me know!


  7. Lindsey Says:

    The book is amazing! What a treasured keepsake for the honoree. Again, the colors are gorgeous. Great job!!!

    { Lindsey }

  8. Debbie Says:

    love the colors and love love love the pin cushions! Great job!

  9. Aleta Says:

    The book looks like maybe it was printed at I’m also interested where you did the printing… it’s gorgeous!

  10. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words about the book. The album is made by Kolo and can be purchased at I designed the pages in InDesgin and printed them on a large format digital printer at my office. Once trimmed, I just replaced the pages with the new ones. I know that iPhoto and Shutterfly offer custom albums that allow you to place in your own images and text. Hope that helps! Kathleen

  11. Esther N Says:

    This was amazing and very inspirational.