Giveaway: Darigold Fresh Magazine

August 24th, 2009


Last year I recieved the first volume of Fresh, a special publication by Darigold a locally owned and operated dairy co-op here in the Northwest. With its great recipies and beautiful photos it quickly became one of my favorite places for cooking ideas. So imagine my suprise when a couple of months ago I was at a shoot at Armstrong Studios here in Seattle and found out they shot all the photos for the magazine! I was telling them I was such a fan and they got me in touch with Darigold. Fresh volume one is out of print, lucky for us Darigold has gerously offered to give some of our lucky readers a free magazine! From holiday comfort food to summer snacks, this is a magazine that will last you all year long. See below for the deets.

Darigold is giving away the first issue of Fresh Magazine to 25 winners! In order to win, please answer the follwoing question by Friday, September 4th, 2009 in the comments section. * CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED*

What is your favorite dish to make that includes dairy in the recipe?

Be sure to include your first name and last initial. The winners will be announced Monday, September 7th, 2009. Good luck!

I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes from the magazine tomorrow so be sure to check back!

113 Responses to “Giveaway: Darigold Fresh Magazine”

  1. Hizzeather Says:

    I’m going to be boring and say buttermilk pancakes…I just love them!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I love making homemade cookies and creme ice cream for the fourth of july!!!!!!

  3. Jessie Says:

    Honestly? My most favorite comfort food is mac-n-cheese made with half milk, half plain greek yogurt with some chopped up crispy bacon!! Yes, it’s as delicious and comforting as it sounds…

  4. Lyndsey Says:

    This is a new favorite. I recently had an amazing rustic pizza consisting of garlic, olive oil, slices of rich Fontina cheese and fresh slices of fig. Once out of the oven it was drizzled with a balsamic reduction and covered in fresh arugula. It was a fantastic combination!

  5. Jordan Snyder Says:

    I have this magazine and LOVE it! Amazing recipes and photography too!
    Great giveaway!

  6. Juan Ricardo Says:

    From Iraq where they learned how to deal with diary from the onset.
    Non-fat Greek style ” middle eastern” yogurt mixed with one shredded,seedless cucumber,3 finely masticated garlic cloves, zest of one lemon minimum, to taste. Mix together. Serve with flat bread -wonderful with lamb and tomates. Perfect.

  7. Lora K Says:

    (sorry for the repeat- forgot the last initial)

    By far, “Berries and Cream”. A pile of fresh summer berries and a tablespoon of brown sugar, gently mixed together with a generous pour of cold cream. Beautiful, simple, delicious.

  8. StrawberryJamFactory Says:

    That would be clam chowder!

  9. becca g @ birthday girl Says:

    of the top of my head i’d have to say my no bake peanut butter pie. it’s a classic recipe that never fails to please… the secret ingredient is cream cheese.

  10. Teena S Says:

    I’ve never heard of this magazine. I love to cook and being a newlywed, I need all the help I can get!

  11. Kalee Says:

    Definitely my quiche. It was kinda intimidating at first, but now I can whip it up (homemade pie dough and all) in less than 2 hours.

  12. Julie R. Says:

    Anything with cream…especially fresh strawberries with whipped cream or pasta (my faves are roasted red pepper pasta & farfalle with tomatoes, sausage, & cream…mmm!)


    the contest is now closed, but i always make use of every part of the turkey- my fav is a sandwich- mayo on one side of whole wheat bread, cranberry jelly on the other and 2 nice pieces of turkey, with a huge glass of 2% milk[ my dairy for the day]. it is out of this world!!! also , a nice brulle is also great in this cold weather and that is another warm me up recipe.