Kyong & Donald’s Wedding Part I

June 22nd, 2009





Hello and happy summer to all of you! I thought I would take these first few days to celebrate and share one of the most stunning summer weddings I have ever seen! I couldn’t be more excited that the bride and groom have agreed to share their day with all of us and I do hope you enjoy the photographs. To start, I thought I’d show the portrait shots of the absolutly stunning bride Kyong by the very talented Ian Barkley. I almost fell out of my chair when I first saw these! Every detail in these photographs is stunning to say the least! The pose, the hair, the jewelry, the chair, the wallpaper, everything… Ian’s work is drool worthy and words can not describe how absolutely beautiful Kyong is!

These portraits were taken at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City and Rastar Studios. The extraordinary jewels that Kyong is wearing were generously loaned from the Royal Family of Nepal. Amazing right?! Just wait until you see how ridiculously handsome the groom Donnie is! I’ll be back again tomorrow with pictures from their wedding and stationary program!

18 Responses to “Kyong & Donald’s Wedding Part I”

  1. Bri Says:

    Yeah, those pictures are pretty astounding. And, I’m sorry, you get jewels lent to you by royalty? Woohoo!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Wow. Everything about these photos is gorgeous!

  3. Katie P. Says:

    This makes me want to get married again, just to have my picture taken too!!!!

  4. Kim Says:

    That is a beautiful dress!

  5. Chelly Says:

    You are right! That dress against that chair against that wallpaper. My goodness! Beautiful is not even the word. As a scrapbooker I’m already thinking of how I can use paper in similar tones for my next craft project. hahahah! thanks for sharing!

  6. Lexi Says:

    It’s not wallpaper, but very expensive silk wall coverings!

  7. Casey Says:

    Gorgeous photos! That dress is beautiful and the jewels… just WOW! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have jewels from royalty

  8. edyta szyszlo photo Says:

    the shot of her on the chair…stunning!

  9. Sherisa V. of L'élephant Rose Says:

    OMG her portraits are SO perfect! 🙂 Especially those last two.

  10. tara Says:

    absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous!!!

  11. Raquel Raney Says:

    gorgeous bride.

  12. Karolyn Says:

    Can you tell me where her dress is from???? It is exactly what I want… Thanks!!

  13. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Karolyn, I got in touch with Kyong to find out who her dress was by and turns out it was custom made by a dressmaker in Utah. I’ve come to expect nothing less of Kyong 😉 Truly stunning. Best of luck to you!

  14. erika at delphine Says:

    FYI the link to the photographer’s website isn’t working. Super amazing work! This wedding is stunning.

  15. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks Erika! I noticed that too but unfortunately it looks like an issue is on their end so I’m unable to fix it. I kept the link there just in case it got back up and running. Thanks for mentioning it though, I appreciate it.

  16. IAmLemondrop Says:

    So do you have any contact info for the dress maker? I was also hoping to find out more info about that dress. Thank you!

  17. Kathleen Says:

    I got in touch with Kyong regarding the dress maker and her name is Penelope Perkins and can be reach via phone: 801.582.5010 Hope this helps and good luck!

  18. Kyong Says:

    Kathleen 🙂
    Readers can take a look at Ian Barkley’s portfolio by clicking on Rastar Studios above.