Drive By Sandwich

June 18th, 2009


I spotted this on The Dieline yesterday and was instantly smitten! I could care less how the sandwich tastes just give me one of those bags! Wish I could visit this sandwich-shop-on-wheels for myself but sadly they are located in Copenhagen. This charming identity and brand were designed by the talented folks at Hello Monday. Be sure to visit the Drive By site if you get a chance, sweet little flash graphics to brighten your day! Yumm!

9 Responses to “Drive By Sandwich”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow…can sandwiches be any cooler?!

  2. Yari Says:

    I love the little elephant on the hill and the shirt is great!

  3. Kristine Says:

    Love it! Wish I could visit too!

  4. Iva Says:

    aw, I love the t-shirt!!

  5. Amy W. Says:

    I am headed to Copenhagen in September. I will get you a bag! I’ll email when I’m back so you can tell me where to mail it. I can’t wait to try their sandwiches!

  6. Kathleen Says:

    OMG! You have to be the sweetest person ever 😀 What an offer, thank you! Look forward to hearing about your trip. xoxox

  7. Celestine Says:

    I wished I lived in Copenhagen!

  8. jen jafarzadeh Says:

    love the design. that cart!

  9. Dog-Eared Says:

    wow. that is one of the most inventive little services i’ve seen in awhile. plus, adorable branding. LOVE IT!!