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Polaroid Painting

Friday, May 29th, 2009




A very sweet reader, Borah, sent me a tip earlier this week about a new photographer she discovered at a Brooklyn flea market. Meet Matt Schwartz, the talent behind She Hit Pause. Studios. From what I understand Matt creates these images by separating the film of a polaroid then rubbing the negative onto watercolor paper. Above are just a few of my favorites. I adore the ethereal quality the process creates. Wouldn’t a pair of these be perfect above a bed?

These are all available for purchase on Matt’s site and can be shipped with or without a frames. Have a look-see for yourself and have a fantastic weekend!

Me & Mister Jones

Thursday, May 28th, 2009




I just can’t get enough of this identity system for Flink by Me & Mister Jones. That invoice is to die for, it makes me want to redo mine! I love that they use a ton of different patterns and shapes yet it all still works together. Very well done!

Via The Strange Attractor, Via ffffound

Just my cup of tea

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009




These have got to be the cutest and most creative tea bags I’ve ever seen! Evidently these have been around since 2007. Does anyone know if they were actually produced, my mug would like a sip!

Sliced Bread Notebook

Monday, May 25th, 2009




I spotted this charming little notebook set by Burak Kaynak over the weekend and had to share. I adore a collection that’s meant to stay together and this stack fits the bill. The numbers on the spine are a nice touch; one for each month and a great way to stay organized. I’ll take mine with jam please!

via:  Design You Trust

Sanna Annukka + Marimekko

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

My love for Sanna Annukka is well documented and who doesn’t love anything Marimeko?! You can imagine my glee when I found out the two were collaborating! The Sanna Annukka’s Marimekko Kaneleen kutsu pattern is a bold print of forest animals depicting stories from the Finnish folklore tale, the Kalevala. Below are some of my favorites from this new collection.


Click here to visit NotCot to learn more about this amazing collection and see more products and patterns. Have a lovely Friday and long holiday weekend everyone! xoxo

(Thanks Javas!)