Tape Spotting

April 9th, 2009


This is a cool new trend I’ve been noticing: Tape as a design element. I particularly love this because it’s both functional AND cool! Here is an wonderful example of incorporating the tape into a broader design. This is from a great Norwegian design frim called Heydays.

Heydays via ffffound




5 Responses to “Tape Spotting”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So neat…keep the tape posts coming 🙂

  2. AmberLee Says:

    Yea for type on tape. I just love putting practical things to aesthetic use, the tape’s already there, so why not? plus I love type on anything.

  3. Perideau Designs Says:

    Love it, especially the business cards!

  4. Chelly Says:

    Definitely keep the tape post coming.

  5. Bri Says:

    OH man that’s so cool!