Printed Silhouette

April 20th, 2009


I saw this project on Design Sponge months ago and knew that I wanted to try making one myself. I know this has been really popular lately and I apologize if it feels redundant but I just couldn’t resist trying it out!

My Nephew’s 1st Birthday was Saturday so to celebrate I made this as a little gift. Cole’s parents decorated his room with these adorable Robot Wall Decals by Blik. To fit in with their decorations I traced the decals in Illustrator and made the pattern and then Cole’s silhouette. The great thing about this project is that you can make it as simple or complex as you like. For example; I would have liked to have cut the silhouette out of black paper and mount it to the pattern but I ran out of time. Instead I decided to simply print the entire thing. To make it feel more special I printed it on (my favorite) photo fabric and mounted it. I think it turned out well and hopefully made a gift his parents can enjoy.

If you’re not up for the challenge of making your own I recently spotted some stunning custom papercut silhouettes by Chirp! Studio on Jack and Izzy. Lovely, lovely work.



5 Responses to “Printed Silhouette”

  1. Down and Out Chic Says:

    good job, it looks awesome! what a great gift.

  2. Johanna KU Says:

    What an adorable silhoutte…said Cole’s mom. Thanks Aunt Kathleen for such an awesome gift.

  3. Anna Says:

    What a great idea!

  4. Michelle Says:

    I remember getting these made at Disneyland when I was little, too funny!

  5. Sarah S. Says:

    Genius! I love how you created the robot pattern to match the decor in his bedroom. I’ll definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing!