H is for Holy Crap

April 30th, 2009


That pretty much sums up how great these sticky note drawings from Marc Johns are. There seriously isn’t a bad one in the bunch. “H” is definitly my favorite but I also have a special place in my heart for “Yes, you CAN have a cheesburger” “rothko” and “undies“. Check out his website for more amazing drawings.


7 Responses to “H is for Holy Crap”

  1. alison Says:

    those are pretty cute – and my favorite is H too!

  2. Mo Says:

    I studied modern art in college, so that Rothko post-it just lights up my entire day! These are fantastic, love ’em.

  3. Terri Says:

    I nearly choked when I clicked on “undies”. I was eating lunch. There should have been a warning. THAT’s hilarious!

  4. Daniella Says:

    Hahahaha that’s awesome!

  5. Teresa Says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Marc’s work for a while now and proudly display some of his artwork in my house. Very funny and talented guy!

  6. Amy Says:

    I like the antler wearing banana – they are all awesome!

  7. Dee Wilcox Says:

    Wow, totally love these, too! How do you find this stuff? This is my first introduction to Marc Johns, and I am definitely checking out his site.