A Summer Wedding

April 22nd, 2009

With summer approaching I thought it would be fun the share some details from my sister’s 2006 wedding. My sister Allison and her husband Ryan found an outstanding outdoor location to host their celebration just outside of Bellingham, Washington. This beautiful natural environment surrounded by mountains created the perfect setting for their rustic northwest wedding.


I simply adored all the details that my sister incorporated into their event. She made dozens of pinwheels which were placed throughout the grounds. The tables were decorated with handmade paper bouquets and the table cloths were embellished with buttons! If that weren’t enough, the favors were miniature mason jars filled with homemade strawberry jam. She topped these off with an assortment of fabric squares and custom made ribbon with their names and the wedding date.


Every aspect of their wedding had a personal touch and really made it a joy to to be a part of. Our parents made a full dinner for the 100+ guests. Two of their dear friends provided homemade beer, another grew the flowers and created each of the bouquets for the wedding party. Ryan’s father took the wedding photos, another friend made their delicious cake and I designed the invitations and details.


This was a beautiful wedding that reflected Allison and Ryan’s taste perfectly, I’m so glad I could be a part of their celebration!

28 Responses to “A Summer Wedding”

  1. Faye Says:

    What an absolutely beautiful wedding…I adore all of the little touches and the customised jars of homemade jam for the favors is such a lovely unique idea. This is giving me some great ideas for my own wedding in August. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I love all the details. The flowers are so pretty and add just the right touch.

  3. A.Mountain.Bride Says:

    I think I’ll have to swipe some of these BEAUTIES for our Mountain Bride community! SO much inspiration here (think I’ll use a couple for my OWN upcoming wedding.

    love love love it. Thanks for sharing!

    Come visit me at my new bridal blog:

  4. Kalani Says:

    WOW Kathleen! That’s Awesome! I love the personality of this. I remember you busting you butt making all that stuff. It all comes together perfectly and really looks great!

    Side note and completely unrelated: I’m starting to reconsider my dislike for suspenders.

  5. myDIYweddingday Says:

    LOVE the paper bouquets and program fans. The whole thing is amazing, and the colors are beautiful.

  6. Kristin Says:

    Great ideas and love the color combos! Super images. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Ashley Says:

    Gorgeous Wedding! I love the favors….so cute! Love the updated take on classic blue and brown with the pop of orange!

  8. Karen Says:

    Where did your sister get married? It’s a fantastic venue!

  9. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Karen, I should have included the name of the venue in my post :p The name of the venue is Naqua’lum in Maple Falls, Washington. I can’t find anything on the web about it so I’m getting touch with my sister to see if she can share more details. I’ll get back to you soon!

    Hi Iman, My sister does still live in Bellingham but I called her yesterday and that wasn’t her. Apparently she’s got a dopple-ganger running around up there so you must have seen her instead. Thanks for the sweet notes!

  10. Kim Says:

    Love this wedding. So simple but so beautiful!!


  11. Delilah Says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! I loved the colors, and the paper bouquets on the tables are fab. I also love the jam favors idea. Very unique!

  12. christina Says:

    what a lovely wedding…the colors, the diy, the simplicity, the outdoors venue, the suspenders & flip flops {!}, the bride’s tea length gown…all great!!

  13. Amy Says:

    Wow – that looks fabulous! I love the paper bouquets! And the cake looked fabulous! Very inspiring – if I wasn’t married already I would want to copy every detail!

  14. Saima Says:

    Amazing wedding! So many personal touches, I love it! 😀

  15. Bri Says:

    The colors are brilliant, the details are amazing! Thanks for sharing this. I love Bellingham – I’m going to have to send this to some people that I know there!

  16. Iman Says:

    Totally random I live in Bellingham and found your blog
    last week. I’m at the Y with my girls right now and I could
    swear I just saw your sister walk into the co-op.
    Does she still live here? She was wearing a bright orange jacket!?

    The wedding looked beautiful, the details are
    amazing and I love the invitations!

  17. Erin Says:

    Do places like that still exist?! So beautiful. What a fun and unique wedding!

  18. cindy Says:

    Great photos. One of the most spectacular weddings I have ever seen!

  19. MsUnreliable Says:

    So, so beautiful! The scenery, the dresses, the colours, everything! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  20. annkent Says:

    Gosh, this is such a lovely post. Your sister is truly blessed to have so many truly talented, creative individuals in her life!

  21. Rachel B. Says:

    WoW! What an amazing wedding! I have wedding venue envy!!

  22. limousine hire london Says:

    from the chosen location…to the little lovely couple getting married……everything else was superb…all the best

  23. jen jafarzadeh Says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Love the details — especially the signs for the drinks, the wildflowers for her sweet flower girl, and the jams. I did blueberry jam favors for my wedding — who doesn’t love a good jam. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

  24. Gretchen Says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I love the signs used for the drinks and favors. How did you make those? I’m looking for something similar for my wedding.

  25. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Gretchen, I created the signs in Illustrator and printed them out on my Epson printer. I used the Fino Cream Luxe cardstock from Paper Source. The paper has a nice texture to it that added to the rustic theme. Congrats on your up coming wedding!!!

  26. Meg Says:

    Love this wedding! The whole thing is adorable! Where was it, exactly? I know you said near Bellingham — but I have a friend who is looking for a venue in Washington, and it looks JUST like what she has told me she wants! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Kathleen Says:

    Doh! I meant to post this sooner and completely forgot so thanks for the reminder. Here is the name, address and phone number for the venue (sadly no web site)
    Nuqua’luam Outdoor Event
    7684 Silver Lake Rd
    Maple Falls, WA 98266
    (360) 599-3425‎

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