Lost in ffffound No.4

March 27th, 2009

Well Spring may be here but no one told that to the Seattle weather. Luckily, who needs sun when fffound is there to brighten up your day! Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Row 1 Left ,Right
Row 2 Left , Right
Row 3 Left ,Right
Row 4 Left ,Right

6 Responses to “Lost in ffffound No.4”

  1. Treehouse Collective Says:

    It would be impossible for me not to comment on the lovely postage which jumps off of the black envelopes… gorgeous! Just last night I was at stamp club (which I like to think of as my surrogate grandpa club), and we had a long discussion about how to get younger people (anyone under 60) involved. I love seeing an increasing awareness through my own efforts at Treehouse Collective and the endeavours of others.

  2. Anonymously Chic Says:

    i didn’t realize cupcakes could be so…cute. those are really cute. have a good weekend:)

  3. Rosa Says:

    Everything is so pretty, but I could really use one of those cupcakes. They are lovely! But not too lovely to eat!

  4. alissa Says:

    beautiful collection of images – that gray stationary really tugs at me – so pretty!

  5. viva b. Says:

    lovely selection of images

  6. Jolie Musick Says:

    That ribbon drawer makes me wish I had a ribbon drawer!