Lost in ffffound No.3

March 20th, 2009

It’s the first day of Spring! To celebrate I decided to go with spring colors in this edition of Lost in ffffound. Make sure to check out the first image, nothing gets you ready for april showers like an umbrella tree!


Row 1 Left , Right
Row 2 Left , Right
Row 3 Left , Right
Row 4 Left , Right

4 Responses to “Lost in ffffound No.3”

  1. Anonymously Chic Says:

    love the color palette in these images. the umbrella tree is unlike anything i’ve seen (in a good way).

  2. Bri Says:

    That umbrella tree is my new favorite thing in life.

    By the way, who did your blog?

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Bri! Isn’t the yellow tree lovely?! I designed the blog and my husband built it. Still so many things I plan on updating but at least it’s up and running for now :p

  4. Bri Says:

    Well you did a lovely job! I like the layout – it’s very clean but allows ample room for media.

    (I was secretly hoping that it was some random wordpress theme – alas) 🙂