Lost in ffffound No.1

March 6th, 2009

Today I’m thrilled to announce the beginning of a new weekly column here at t&t! I’ve been wanting to catalog all my finds at ffffound, an image-bookmarking web service, and what better way then to post them here! If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting ffffound you MUST check it out. The exclusive service allows users to post and share their favorite images and then recommend images based on what the user clicks on. The best part is that each user will have a uniquely different experience each and every time! I seriously can spend hours clicking from one amazing image to the next. In this Friday column I will post a portion of my ffffound trail with links. I hope you all find it inspiring and fun! So, without further ado, here is week 1…


Row 1 Left , Right
Row 2 Left , Right
Row 3 Left , Right
Row 4 Left , Right
Row 5 Left , Right

4 Responses to “Lost in ffffound No.1”

  1. MsUnreliable Says:

    Great idea, there’s so many fantastic images on FFFFOUND! it really is almost impossible to keep up!

  2. madesweet Says:

    i’m totally addicted to ffffound. 🙂 it’s the greatest place.

  3. Candace S Says:

    I have been wanting to try out that site; but i have not been invited. Want to invite me ;)??

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Doh! I wish I could! I’m not a member either and I don’t know anyone with any invites left. Looks like we’ll both just be “looking” for awhile longer.