Anthropologie Cotton Bag

January 9th, 2009

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores to visit. They have the most amazing window displays and the best visual merchandising of any store I can think of. It doesn’t hurt that they also have adorable housewares and clothes!

On a recent visit I noticed a basket at the register of colorful cotton bags. Inside was a list of benefits for their member program. Though I had no intention of getting a member card, the sales rep saw me drooling over them and let me have one. It’s something I’ve kept on my desk ever since, so I thought I’d share.





Not exactly sure what the purpose of the perforation is but I like it! Adds another textural element to an otherwise boring document. Brilliant!


It’s pieces like this that really make Anthropologie stand out. I sincerely appreciate that they take the time to think about all the details.

10 Responses to “Anthropologie Cotton Bag”

  1. Kate@ Kids and Cocktails Says:

    It used to not be about their credit card, it was just about their member rewards card or something similar. I have one somewhere.

    Love the bag and the colors!

  2. dana Says:

    Wow! How’s that for marketing genious?! great idea!

  3. Veiled Vows Says:

    I think this would make a GENIUS DIY wedding invitation {and I just might be the gal to do it}!

  4. An Atlanta Bride Says:

    super cute!

  5. Pretty Little Mess Says:

    I use my bag to store my iPod shuffle. It fits perfectly inside and protects it in my purse.

    I highly recommend getting an Anthro card. I received a 15% off discount card to use during my birthday month. All for signing up for a free card!

  6. naomi Says:

    i love this bag too! my best friend did an art internship making the displays at anthro, and one day when i went to visit her i had a similar experience lusting after the basket of bags. i got to keep one. i use mine to hold lip balm and tic tacs on a suction cup hook in my locker at work. it’s perfect!

  7. bizzy Says:

    i use my bag to safely store a gorgeous scrollwork bracelet that my sister brought back from toledo, spain. but i agree with veiled vow – it’s a terrific marketing piece.

  8. Allie Says:

    Anthro sent my 15% off birthday coupon in an amazing little muslin bag with a button closure. I use both my Anthro card bag and the new little bag to hold gift cards and coupons in my purse. Too cute!

  9. kim taylor the sassy crafter Says:

    Anthropologie just comes up with so many beautiful things. I received one of these darling bags when I signed on for their member rewards program. I use it to store my earphones for my iPod so that they don’t get all tangled in my bag.

  10. spring fashion Says:

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